Nuclear waste final disposal strategy and project management

A nuclear waste final disposal strategy is a comprehensive high-level plan for managing and responsibly disposing of the spent nuclear fuel. Posiva has valuable experience and knowledge to manage an entire final disposal programme, from strategy to project and finally to industrial operation. Cooperation with Posiva Solutions will help Clients to define clear steps, processes, responsibilities and roles that support the progress of the final disposal programme.

Posiva’s schedule for the final disposal was set in 1983 when the Finnish Government decided on the objectives and programme for nuclear waste management. Posiva has been following the schedule from the very beginning and still adheres to it. This has demanded good strategic skills as well as excellent project planning and management.

Posiva has also learned to focus on the most important things to promote the progress of the final disposal programme. Over decades Posiva has gained an immense amount of knowledge and lessons learned. As a result, cooperation with Posiva Solutions will result in saved time and reduced project costs.

Our offering regarding DGR strategy and project management

- Planning and management of overall final disposal programme
- Defining management strategy for the Client
- Dividing the programme into various phases
- Planning and management of project portfolio for the final disposal programme
- Planning of organisation in various phases of the final disposal programme
- Review of Client’s organisation
- Defining operational processes for the various phases of the disposal programme

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