The unique opportunity to participate in the Trial Run of Final Disposal


Posiva is the first nuclear waste management organisation to start industrialised final disposal. Prior to proceeding to the operational phase Posiva will conduct the Trial Run of Final Disposal (TRFD). The TRFD comprises the whole disposal process with final disposal systems and machinery but will be performed with dummy fuel assemblies.

Main phases of the Trial Run of Final Disposal:

- The nuclear waste is transported from interim storage to the encapsulation plant
- The copper canisters are filled with dummy nuclear fuel rods and then sealed by welding
- The filled canisters are hoisted down to the repository area
- The buffering and canisters are inserted in the deposition holes
- The demonstration tunnel is backfilled and closed with a plug

Posiva Solutions is offering a unique opportunity for national waste management organisations to monitor and learn at a close range how the spent nuclear fuel final disposal process is managed from the interim storage to the deep geological repository ONKALO®.

Participation to the TRFD is divided in four parts during 2023:

1. Introduction webinar setting the scene for the overall Trial Run of Final Disposal
2. 1st on-site seminar: Transport, encapsulation and retrieval processes (end of June)
3. 2nd on-site seminar: Canister, buffer and backfilling (September)
4. 3rd on-site seminar: Sealing and filter layer installation and / or plugging (November)

In addition, the participants will get a series of thorough documents describing the planning, organisation, implementation (transport, encapsulation, retrieval, hoisting, storage, disposal and backfilling) and lessons learned from the Trial Run of Final Disposal.

To hear more about the terms for participation fill out the contact form and we will be in touch.