This is how the world’s first Encapsulation Plant for spent nuclear fuel works


Safe final disposal of spent nuclear fuel is an important part of sustainable use of nuclear energy and we do have a solution for that. Posiva Oy is the world's leading final disposal company, which will start final disposal of spent nuclear fuel in ONKALO®, dug deep into the bedrock, in the mid-2020's.

This animation shows how spent nuclear fuel is safely sealed in the disposal canisters at Posiva’s Encapsulation Plant in Finland. The entire encapsulation process, all its equipment and facilities are animated precisely according to the final equipment plans and drawings.

Posiva's previous ONKALO-animation of the underground disposal facility was published a year ago. It can be found in this link: Posiva Oy animation of The Final Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel
Both animations were made by Nopia Oy from Pori.

For more than 40 years, Posiva's experts - project management professionals - as well as Posiva's partners have developed a safe disposal solution. A multidisciplinary project requires world-class expertise.

Posiva's subsidiary, Posiva Solutions Oy, sells and consults the know-how created in the planning, research and development activities of the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. PSOY offers customized expert services for final disposal as well as ready-made solution and service models for nuclear waste management companies together with an extensive cooperation network.