Dis­posal strat­egy and pro­gramme man­age­ment

Management and organisation

The management of a WMO entails special features like the very long term of the project which requires changing the manner of management over time.

A management system is a set of policies, processes and procedures used by an organisation to ensure that it can fulfill the tasks required to achieve its objectives. In a WMO, the management system covers aspects specific to nuclear safety and security.

The organisation of a WMO needs to evolve over time as well – the aspects to be taken into account are e.g., in-house vs. outsourced –balance of competencies, knowledge management, information sharing and an iterative way of working.

‍Posiva has successfully transformed from an Research and Development (R&D) organisation to a project organisation and is implementing the operating organisation: our lessons learned are valuable to any WMO.